Further Molecular Methods

  DNA-Arrays DNA-arrays (DNA-chips, microarrays) are tools in medical, pharmaceutical, and biological diagnosis of pathogens (genotyping, pathotyping) (Beier et al. 2002; Wiehlmann et al. 2004). Basis is the increasing availability of sequence information of various viruses and bacteria.          One chip can carry up to 10,000 different DNA probes (e.g., oligonucleotides), which are […]

Microsatellites and Amplified fragment length polymorphism

    Microsatellites Microsatellites or simple sequence repeats (SSR) are hypervariable genomic regions characterized by short tandem repeat sequences of up to seven nucleotide units that are distributed throughout the genomes of most Eukaryotes (Powell et al. 1996). The variability of the number of repeat units at a particuIar  locus and the conservation of the […]

Species-Specific priming PCR

Species-Specific priming PCR (SSPP)

                   Species-specific priming PCR (SSPP) As an advantage of the sequence divergence among fungi, oligonucleotide sequences may be used to design species-specific primers for PCR. At first sight, SSPP seems to be a powerful molecular identification tool for fungi. Subsequent restriction of the amplicon as well as […]