The life cycle of a typical basidiomycete is schematically represented in  The haploid basidiospore or conidium (A) germinates to the n-mycelium (B, monokaryon, primary mycelium).       There are also asexual anamorphs in Basidiomycetes. According to Muller and Loeffler (1992), asexual anamorphs are supposed to occur almost just as frequently as in Ascomycetes: […]

Sexual Reproduction

A specific feature of the sexual reproduction of Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes is that plasmogamy of haploid cells and karyogamy of two nuclei (n) to form a diploid nucleus (2n) are separated from each other temporally as well spatially by the dikaryophase (two-nuclei phase, dikaryon, n + n, ===)     (Fig.1). A dikaryotic hypha is […]