Human territoriality, maps, and the division of space

I cannot help thinking that in discussions of this kind, a great deal of misapprehension arises from the popular use of maps on a small scale. As with such maps you are able to put a thumb on India and a finger on Russia, some persons at once think that the political situation is alarming […]

A new world order?

There is one theme in common between the recent electoral results in the United Kingdom, the US and Italy. All outcomes drew strength from the growing hostility to global government, global treaties, and military interventions. The assumption of superior wisdom and moral right adopted by a gilded elite flitting between the large corporations, quangos and […]

Karl Marx (1818-83)

Karl Marx was a philosopher, social scientist, histonan, and revolutionary. He was also the most influential socialist thinker of the nineteenth century. He was born in Germany, but emigrated, first to Pans and later to England. London was his home from 1849 until his death in 1883 and it was here that he produced most […]

Modernism and postmodernism

‘:!Pyderritsm is a cultural movement that roeued against nineteenth.ceritury Victorian values. Victorian culture emphasised nationalism and cultural superiority and placed humankind above and outside nature ;.ld the natural world. Modernists blamed Victorians for evils such as slavery, and imperialism, as well as later fc-A the First World War. Modernists emptasised humanism over nationalism and argued […]

The geopolitics of sustainable development

The geopolitics of sustainable development

Political ecology is the disciplinary and the political field of encountering of different rationalities in the social appropriation of nature and for the construction of a sustainable future. This historical objective demands the deconstruction of theories and practices built on the foundations of scientific, economic, technological and political rationality, inscribed in national and international institutions […]